Kluson 6 In Line Left Hand Revolution Series H-Mount Tuning Machines Chrome

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The Kluson Revolution H-Mount 19:1 high ratio tuning machine. This is truly a game changer with the traditional 6 in line footprint and newly designed sealed diecast housing. These state of the art machines are designed to directly retrofit diecast tuning machines with a hex head bushing, traditional Kluson 6 in line mounting pattern and modern 25/64 inch peghole. The vintage outline, metal oval button and pin-stripes pay tribute to Kluson heritage while the brand new housing appearance incorporates all the features the modern guitarist demands.High gear ratio guarantees silky smooth operation, fine tuning stability and no backlash all in a sealed one-piece housing. Includes 6 in line tuning machine set for left handed instruments and all mounting hardware.¥ Peghole size required= 25/64 in. (10mm)¥ Gear ratio= 19:1¥ Bushing Type= Screw-in Hex Head¥ String Post Type= Kluson SafeTi Post¥ String Post Height Overall = 1 In.¥ String Post Diameter= 6mm¥ String Height in SafeTi Post= 55/64 in. (22mm)¥ Used by James Trussart Guitars