Kluson 6 In Line Revolution Series F-Mount Non-Collared Tuning Machines For Fender Guitars Gold

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The Kluson Revolution F-Mount 19:1 ratio tuning machine. These state of the art, lightweight, diecast tuning machines are designed to directly retrofit the stamped "F" tuning machines that Fender uses on reissues of models from the CBS/Fender era currently being produced plus enable you to modify the baseplate to fit CBS era Fender vintage instruments produced between 1969 and 1979 in the USA. With a slight modification you can improve the stability and have the high gear ratio never before available for this era of Fender production.Uses the offset 2 screw mount with push in bushings and the famous Kluson Safe-T-Post. All mounting hardware is included but you may need to use your original bushings and screws.[SKU:KRFNC-6B-G]¥ The Fender "F" tuners changed during the CBS era of Fender with 3 distinct changes that included variances in both bushings and housing sizes. Reissue tuning machines do not use the same specs for the housing dimensions as the original CBS era tuners. Because of these historical differences you may need to reuse your original bushings as well as evenly file the connecting sides of the tuning machines that butt up to each other for proper fit (not necessary on the outside ends). We suggest a dry fit first and if you are not comfortable making the modifications required evenly to both sides of the molded mounting plate, that you take these to a local shop for necessary modifications and installation instead of attempting this modification on your own without proper tools.¥ The amount of material needed to be removed is approximately .015 - .020 inch from each side of mounting plates to balance the fit properly (.030 - .040 inch total between the two connecting sides excluding outside edges).¥ Shipping charges will only be refunded on this item if what is shipped does not match the part number you have ordered due to required modifications to the part for proper fit. Incorrect modifications or modifications resulting in damage of the tuning machines or plating are not covered by warranty on this item.