Kluson High Mass 4 String Bass Bridge Zinc Gold

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Kluson's brand new high mass bass bridge uses the same original 5 mounting screw locations and is a no-modification installation for USA Fender Jazz and Precision basses. The Kluson high mass bass bridge will turn your Precision or Jazz Bass into a tone and sustain machine with a heavy block designed into the bridge plate to add sustain and tighten up bottom end. Zinc baseplate with zinc saddles. Strings through the back of the bridge not through the body. Mounting screws and allen wrench for intonation adjustment are included.Features: Direct replacement for Fender 099-4407-000 Direct replacement for Kluson KVBB58 or KVBB70 bass bridges String spacing= 19mm Total length= 63.6mm (2.51in) Total width= 82.7mm (3.25in) Mounting hole spacing: 17.5mm (0.69in) Baseplate material= zinc Saddle material= Zinc Mounting hardware= included Allen wrench size= .050 Intonation screw= phillips head 5-40 X 1 7/8 L.