Kluson 3 Per Side Locking Deluxe Series Tuning Machines - Double Line - Nickel w/ Double Ring Plastic Keystone Buttons

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Kluson's 100% no-mod required locking tuning machine using the original stamped steel housing, mounting screw pattern and push-in bushing. Kluson added its most popular and current double line branding to the back of the housing for easy recognition. This Kluson tuning machine set meets the demands of the modern player with an easy to operate string post locking mechanism making secure string changes faster for the working musician without changing the overall appearance of a vintage styled instrument. Black, gold, or nickel with oval metal buttons.[SKU:KDL-3-NPKDR]Specifications:¥ String Post Overall length including cap= 1 inch¥ String Thru Hole ctr Height= 23/32 in.¥ Comes with Kluson standard bushings.¥ Uses same footprint as original stamped steel Kluson tuning machines