Kluson 6 In Line Locking Contemporary Diecast Series 2 Pin Tuning Machines For Fender Guitars Gold

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Kluson 19:1 ratio tuning machine set for right-handed instruments. These state of the art tuning machines are designed for contemporary Fender American Standard and Standard series instruments that utilize 2 location pins on the machine housing. Kluson has incorporated the user-friendly locking system that is located on the back of the tuning machine housing utilizing a knob for simple twist-to-lock or release. These are drop-in, no modification required upgrades for your Fender Standard instrument at quite an affordable price.-Peg Hole requirement= 25/64 in. (10mm)-Gear Ratio= 19:1-Bushing Type= Hex Head screw-in bushing-Footprint= 57/64 in (22.65mm) X 21/32 in. (16.8mm)-Mounting Hole Size Requirement for pins= 3/32 in (2.41mm) bit-Collar Diameter= 25/64 in. (9.95mm)-Collar Depth= 3/8 in. (9.68mm)-Post Height from housing back= 1 1/16 in. (26.87mm) including dome top-String Thru location= 29/32 in. from back of housing to hole ctr.-Button Shaft length from Housing to button= 13/32 in. (10.3mm)-Overall Button Shaft Length including Button= 15/16 in. (24mm)-Locking Knob Height= 15/64 in. (6mm)-Locking Knob Diameter= 5/8 in. (16mm)