Koch 4x12 360W Speaker Cabinet - Silver Cloth/Front Mounted KCC412-BSFM Special Order

Koch 4x12 360W Speaker Cabinet - Silver Cloth/Front Mounted KCC412-BSFM Special Order

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About KOCH KCC412

Our KCC Series speaker cabinets are the ultimate guitar extension cabinets. Designed specifically to match all our amplifiers, the KCC speaker cabinets feature void-free multi-ply baltic birch construction, sealed back and special bracing and tuning for optimum guitar sound reproduction. All our speaker cabinets are internally wired with the new Koch Dynacon speaker cable for sparkling highs, tight bass and a warm mid response. The result is a series of stunningly lively cabinets with a huge sound stage and a natural sound experience. These new speaker cabinets come in various models, each with a unique tonal flavor.

18 mm, 13 layer baltic birch plywood
All glued wood-to-wood dado joints
Fixed and sealed back baffle for ultimate strength and ruggedness
Braced and tuned for the best sound
Big-sized speaker cabinet for optimal Tonal Display
4x12 cabinets, one piece baffle
Custom designed 12" KOCH VG12-90 speakers
Switching options to match any amps output impedance or dual amp setups, more info here
Heavy Duty corners and handles
Our own unique black vinyl
Available with stylish black grill cloth
Internal wiring: Koch Dynacon varicore speaker cable
Comes with 5ft/1,5m Koch Dynacon speaker cable
Powerhandling: 1 x 360W RMS or 2 x 180W RMS

The STYLISH BLACK speaker cloth in the Front mounted speakers. Due to our baffle mounting-system, the speakers are front mountable. The speakers are front mounted has a significant impact on the sound of the cabinet. Front speaker mounting gives you an incredible direct sound, straight in the face. Great response and really tight. A good choice if you are a speed-picker who is looking for lots of definition.

Connection options
4 Ohm
16 Ohm
Stereo 2 x 8 Ohm
Dual mono 2 x 8 Ohm

Koch Speakers
All our combos and cabinets are standard equipped with Koch speakers. In our never ending quest for perfection, we realized that not only the amp design, but also the speakers are an essential part of the total sound experience. Currently, we have three models: the VG12-90, the VG12-60 and the VG10-25.

The VG12-90 used in these cabinets is already known for his sweet tone, bell-like highs and astounding bass response. At both low and high volume levels, the VG12-90 excels in all music styles. Our own design speakers are the perfect match for all our amplifiers.
What's in the box:

    KOCH KCC412 4x12" 360W Front Mounted Speaker Cabinet
    5' Speaker Cable
    KOCH Warranty