Koch 1x12 60W 8 Ohm Speaker Cabinet in Green/Silver Cloth / Porte KCC112-GS60 Special Order

Koch 1x12 60W 8 Ohm Speaker Cabinet in Green/Silver Cloth / Porte KCC112-GS60 Special Order

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The Koch KCC112 cabinet packs an impressive low-endpunch for its size, thanks to a front-ported, closed-back design and agreat-sounding 12" VG12 60 speaker that's capable of handling up to 60watts of power. It was developed as an extension speaker cabinet forguitar amps such as the Jupiter, Studiotone and Twintone III combos andheads.

But you can plug any head or amp into the 1 x 12" cab andyou'll be amazed at the huge tones you get. This cab is constructed ofhigh-quality 11-layer Birch Plywood constructed with wood-to-woodjoints, which enhances its tonality while providing the rock-solidreliability you need on the road or in the studio. Covered in classy(and tough) black vinyl, the KCC 112 closed-back cabinet complementsjust about any rig.

After exhausting research,tests showed that the materials used for the shell and baffle are a veryimportant factor in the overall sound quality of a cabinet. For thatreason, the shells of our cabinets are made of the best quality 11-layerBirch Plywood constructed with wood-to-wood joints, while the bafflesare made of vibration-free MDF. This combination produces a tight lowend with colorful mids and smooth highs, exactly right for guitar soundreproduction.

Our cabinets are equipped withthe best available hardware: thick, quality vinyl; nickel platedcorners, amp strips and screws, leather bar handles, removable castorsand rubber stack feet.

 KOCH KCC112-GS60 Specifications

Construction Material
    11-layer Birch plywood
    Slot joints construction, glued under pressure
    Ported, closed-back
    1 x 12" (25.40 x 304.80mm) VG12-60 speaker
Max Load Power
    8 Ohms
Dimensions (WxHxD)
    54.5 x 30.5 x 51.5cm (21.46 x 12.01 x 20.28")
    19.3kg (42.55 lbs)