KAT Percussion Digital Drum Set Amplifier -50W Model KA1, KA1

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Share your sound w/KAT Digital Drum Amplifiers. The 50W KA1 is the perfect choice for smaller rooms or small studio environments. KAT Amps are tailored specifically for digital drums to achieve the most accurate acoustic response. Features include:

¢ Powerful 50-watt sound output in a portable drum amp

¢ Specially tuned for electronic drums

¢ 3-band EQ to fine tune your e-kit

¢ Three 0.25" inputs for other instruments or sound sources

¢ Large carry handle for easy transport

¢ 1/8" input for external music players

¢ Durable construction that's built to last

¢ Product Dimensions: 19 x 19.3 x 19.7 inches; 37.1 pounds