Kat Electronics Bass Drum Tower F/ Kt2 W 9 In Pad

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Trigger a multitude ofsounds with your sticks or even your hands. The KAT KTMP1 has fourvelocity-sensitive pads and 50 sounds you can easily shape. Go beyond the constraints of a practice pad withthe KAT KTMP1 multi-pad drum percussion sound module. Using eitherhands or sticks, you can play the module's 4 velocity-sensitive pads andliven up any performance with 50 editable on-board drum and percussionsounds. A dutiful performance station, the KTMP1 also offers USB/MIDIconnectivity and ins for hi-hat controller pedal and bass drum trigger.

Multipurpose Sounds for Both Play and Practice Expanding yourdrum setup is easy with KAT's KTMP1. Plug it in and play! That's allthere is to adding electronic sounds to an acoustic kit. Intuitive touse, this highly playable electronic drum and percussion instrumentfeatures 50 fully adjustable multipurpose sounds ready to be tuned,panned, and assigned to any of the unit's 4 pads. Shape your sound withreverb, and fine-tune levels and sensitivity to accommodate your playingstyle.

Two pedal inputs let you connect a kick drum trigger and a hi-hatcontroller, turning a super compact setup into a mini drum kit.

Straight-Forward Studio Integration Easily play with sounds fromyour computer, MIDI instruments, or synths via the KTMP1's MIDI or USBconnection. The four-zone percussion controller/drum module alsoprovides 1/4-inch main outputs and a 1/8-inch stereo headphone jack forprivate practicing.

Keep your KTMP1 sound module within reach using the included stand mount.

Features: - Compact electronic drum and percussion instrument
- 4 velocity-sensitivepads playable with hands or sticks
- 50 high-quality drum and percussion sounds
- 2 additional inputs for hi-hat controller pedal and bass drum trigger
- USB/MIDI connectivity for controlling virtual instruments and synthesizers
- 1/4" main outputs and 1/8" stereo headphone jack
- Backed by Kat Percussion warranty

Want to spice up your kit? Do just that with the compact, affordable KAT KTMP1 multi-pad drum percussion sound module.