Kent Armstrong Handwound Series 1961 Custom Strat Pickup Set

Kent Armstrong Handwound Series 1961 Custom Strat Pickup Set

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These famous 1961 Stratocaster pickups are a true "one of a kind set" because of the distinct electrical properties and function of each pickup giving completely distinct tone.

The tone of these pickups is such an accurate representation that they were previously endorsed by the estate that now possesses the instrument. These pickups are not original to the instrument meaning that no Fender Stratocaster pickup set will replicate this unique tone.

The only difference between these pickups and the ones now residing in the instrument is that Kent, knowing most people who play Stratocasters today use a 5 way switch and not a 3 way, built the middle pickup as rw/rp for noise cancellation. This doesn't change the tone of the pickup, but it does create a "humbucking" effect and cancel RF noise when used in conjunction with the other pickups.

No one has reproduced to this level of tonal accuracy and unfortunately due to the condition of the instrument, may never be replicated again with the same tone due to failing components. If you want this unique combination of Strat tones accurately measured in two visits in two different temperature settings and displayed at the NAMM show you can only get it here.
Pole Piece Spacing = 52mm
Mount Type = Body or Pickguard
Lead wire = single conductor X 4