Kluson 2 Post Steel Block Tremolo Bridge Gold

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The Kluson 2 Post Steel Block Tremolo is a contemporary tremolo bridge designed to directly replace the bridge systems for Fender American Standard Series guitars from built from 1987 to 2016 or American Professional series guitars introduced in 2017. This tremolo combines the most popular features of the prior Fender designs taking advantage of their shared mounting pattern.Key improvements over the traditional bridge include a refined block finish, true matching plating colors, additional plating options nickel and black, and replacement components that can be combined with original Fender bridge assemblies (sold separately).Legacy:The Fender 2-point design introduced in 1987 featured a screw in tremolo arm and block saddles with an offset intonation screw (featured on the USA American Standard Series and the USA Strat Plus).The American Deluxe series incorporated two "upgrade" features; a pop-in tremolo arm and plated block saddles.More recent, Fender's Professional Series Stratocaster began using the traditional stamped steel saddles with a redesigned mounting plate for non-offset intonation screws.Features:o Matching plated saddleso Traditional screw-in tremolo armo Kluson embossed stamped steel saddleso Angled tremolo block with extended range of motiono Direct replacement for Fender part #099-2050-000 and right handed variantso Direct replacement for Fender part #099-2004-000 and 007-7092-049o Milled brass block available separately part #K2PTSBBo All mounting hardware and allen wrench includedo Select components including bridge block interchangeable with Fender 2-point tremolo bridge systemsDimensions:o E to E spacing= 2 1/16 in. (52.5mm)o Block material= Steelo Bridge Stud spacing= 2 7/32 in. (56.5mm)o Stud Brass Insert O.D.= 25/64 in. (10mm)o Stud thread type= ¼ -28o Stud material= Steelo Allen Wrench= 3/64 in. (1.25mm)