Dixon Jet Set Plus 5pc Shell Pack Street Play Blue

Dixon Jet Set Plus 5pc Shell Pack Street Play Blue

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The ultimate shell pack for versatile playing and practice.

TheDixon Jet Set Plus is the ultimate all-purpose drum kit. Sitting orstanding, gig or quiet practice, this Dixon innovation adapts to allstages, styles and transportation. The Jet Set Plus is adaptable to allthe limitations drummers' experience. Compact for small spaces and easyportability, Jet Set Plus offers both sit down and stand up performanceoptions along with a quick-flip choice between audible play (batterside) and silent mesh practice (resonant side). Jet Set Plus is ultimateversatility. Cymbals and hardware sold separately.

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  • Reversible heads for audible or silent playing
  • Can be set up for seated or standing play
  • Includes 16x12 in. bass drum, 8x6 and 10x6 in. toms, 12x10 in. floor tom, 12x4.5 in. snare and extended triple tom holder