Gold Tone Professional 4-String Irish Tenor Resonator Banjo IT-250R

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The seventeen-fret IT-250's short scale neck uses heavier strings and is tuned to GDAE, an octave below the mandolin. This setup is in wide use by many traditional Irish musicians because it provides the plunky tone that works so well w/ the bodhran, pipes and fiddles found in Celtic music ensembles. The Whyte Laydie tone ring adds carrying power to the tone, allowing the player to use a lighter touch for greater precision w/ the pick. Clear maple is used for the half-inch thick rim and for the neck. High-quality hardware ensures years of durability and ease of adjustment and maintenance. Any mandolinist will find it easy to switch off to the IT-250 and add an extra dimension of authenticity to their music.
Irish Tenor Scale|Tubaphone-Style Tone Ring|GT Master Planetary Tuners|3-Ply Maple Rim|Cloud Inlay|Renaissance Head