Kluson 3 Per Side Prestige Series Vintage Vertical Mount Open Bronze Gear Tuners Gold With

Kluson 3 Per Side Prestige Series Vintage Vertical Mount Open Bronze Gear Tuners Gold With

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Kluson 6 In Line Locking Revolution Series H-Mount Non-Collared Tuning Machines With Staggered Posts

The Kluson Revolution H-Mount 19:1 high ratio tuning machine. A traditional 6 in line footprint with contemporary sealed diecast housing.

These state of the art tuning machines are designed to directly retrofit diecast tuning machines with a push-in bushing, traditional Kluson 6 in line mounting pattern and modern 11/32 inch peghole. The vintage outline, metal oval button and pinstripes pay tribute to Kluson heritage while the stylized one-piece housing encloses the features that modern guitarist demand. A 19:1 high gear ratio guarantees silky smooth operation and fine tuning stability with no backlash.

Includes 6 in line tuning machine set for right handed instruments and all mounting hardware.

Newly upgraded with staggered post heights. Staggered posts negate the need for a traditional string tree. By eliminating the string tree, the break point created on the string before the nut is also removed; increasing string life, resonance, and tuning stability.


  • Gear Ratio= 19:1
  • Gear type= Steel worm and Brass ring
  • Locking mechanism= Knob
  • Bushing Type= Push In
  • Bushing Depth= 5/16 in. (7.5mm)
  • Bushing O.D.= 11/32 in. (8.8mm)
  • Bushing I.D.= (1/4 in. (6.5mm)
  • String Post Type= Staggered Kluson SafeTi Post
  • String Post Heights=
    • (2 Machines) 18mm
    • (2 Machines) 19mm
    • (2 Machines) 20mm
  • String Post Diameter= 6mm
  • String Post Material= Steel
  • Housing= Diecast
  • Mount Pattern= Vintage 6 in line Kluson
  • Comes with all mounting hardware

uses Kluson Bushings MB65N (nickel), MB65G (gold), MB65C (chrome) or MB65B (black)

  • Outside Diameter = 8.85mm
  • Inside Diameter = 6mm