ddrum Hybrid Bass Drum 20x20 Black

ddrum Hybrid Bass Drum 20x20 Black

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Hybrid Ddrum add on bass drum for Hybrid 6 drum set.Ddrum's Hybrid Series allows you to bridge the world of acoustic andelectronic drum sounds like no other drums in their class. Crafted fromselect birch plies, each drum is equipped with interior shock mountedtriggers and XLR ports, enabling you to easily access your favorite drummodule sounds without additional modifications.

Perfect for practice room or stage!
Designed by Drummers for Drummers

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Made for drummersby drummers. We design all of our gear from the ground up to be playedin the practice room, studio and stage.

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No matter your style of play, the Hybrid 6 Drums by Ddrum delivers. Ourgear covers the entire pantheon of music styles and require only onething: A burning desire to PLAY! You bring the passion, we'll handle therest.

Wood Configuration Birch Lug Type Hybrid Double Bridge Hoop Birch Plys 8 Bearing Edge 45 degree Hardware Red hybrid lug & die-cast bass drum claws Shell thickness 8mm (0.31") Tone Enhanced attack & punchy Dimensions 20 x 20" (50.80 x 50.80cm)