Hotone Omni IR Impulse Response Cabinet Simulator Guitar Pedal, TPOMP6

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The Hotone Omni IR is a compact, Impulse Response-based cabinet simulator pedal that delivers realistic emulation of classic guitar and bass miked speaker cabinets. The Omni IR includes 40 high-quality legendary guitar and bass cabinet impulse responses, along w/a detailed 4-band semi-parametric EQ. An internal voltage boost circuit provides tons of headroom ensuring the input signal will stay clean, regardless of the instrument's output level. A high-contrast OLED screen makes editing and recalling setting easy in high and low light environments. Omni IR has 40 editable presets which can be adjusted on the pedal or managed via free Mac/PC software. The footswitch can be assigned to bypass the effect or mute the signal. A 1/4" thru jack provides an unprocessed dry signal to other devices or amplifiers. The pedal includes a 1/4" output, a balanced XLR out to connect to mixers or audio interfaces, an 1/8" headphone monitor and an 1/8" stereo aux input making the Omni IR perfect for both live and recording setups.

Features include:

¢Compact, easy-to-use IR cabinet simulator pedal

¢ Advanced DSP-powered platform ensures high sound quality

¢ 24-bit AD/DA conversion

¢ Internal voltage boost circuit for exceptional headroom

¢ 40 high-quality legendary guitar and bass cabinet impulse responses

¢ Support for third-party IR files

¢ Detailed 4-band semi-parametric EQ w/12dB maximum boost and cut

¢ Micro USB jack for updating firmware and loading/managing impulse responses via free Mac/PC software

¢ 1/4" input and thruput

¢ XLR and 1/4" outputs

¢ Ground/Life switch

¢ 1/8" stereo Aux In for line level devices (unaffected by Omni IR)

¢ 1/8" headphone output for practicing and jamming

¢ 40 presets

¢ High-contrast OLED screen

¢ Assignable footswitch w/LED

¢ 9V DC (center positive) power supply and USB micro cable included