Hotone Mojo Attack Nano Legacy Floor SeriesPortable Dual Channel Floor Amplifier

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The original Hotone Nano Legacy Series Amplifier Heads have grown to such demand that it onlymade sense to combine two of them into a single convenient floor-based stompbox design withincreased power, and let it form the core of your live or studio guitar setup...

The Nano Legacy Floor Series features two portable dual-channel floor amplifier models: BritWind and Mojo Attack. The BritWind houses the sound characteristics of Hotone's British Invasion (inspired by the legendary Vox AC30*) and Purple Wind (inspired by legendary Marshall PlexiSuper Lead 1959*) Nano Legacy Series amp heads on separate channels. In the same fashion, the Mojo Attack joins those of the Mojo Diamond (inspired by legendary Fender Tweed*) and Heart Attack (inspired by legendary Mesa/Boogie Rectifier*) amps.

Beyond combining two Nano Legacy Series amps in one, the Nano Legacy Floor Series amps feature increased power (75 watts each), as well as enhanced sound quality and dynamic range. In addition, these amps offer extended onboard functions and effects, including independent volume/gain/3-band EQ, a clean boost (up to +12dB), reverb, an FX Loop, a single speaker output for use w/4-16omega cabinets, and a switchable cabinet simulator on its Line and XLR outputs.

Fusing legendary guitar tone w/convenience and portability, the Hotone Nano Legacy Floor Seriesamplifiers ensure you're always ready to perform or record. Simply connect one to a cabinet, mixer orinterface, and you're ready to rock!


¢ Portable dual-channel floor amplifier

¢ 75 watts

¢ Nano Legacy Series preamp tone w/enhanced sound quality and dynamic range

¢ BritWind: Dual-channel design combines two Nano Legacy Series amplifiers in one:

-CH A: Hotone British Invasion, inspired by legendary Vox AC30*

-CH B: Hotone Purple Wind, inspired by legendary Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959*

¢ Mojo Attack: Dual-channel design combines two Nano Legacy Series amplifiers in one:

-CH A: Hotone Mojo Diamond, inspired by legendary Fender Tweed*

-CH B: Hotone Heart Attack, inspired by legendary Mesa/Boogie Rectifier*

¢ High-quality tone w/independent volume, gain and 3-band EQ

¢ Built-in boost provides up to +12dB of clean volume boost

¢ Onboard reverb w/clear, natural decay

¢ FX Loop for integrating external effects

¢ Single speaker output for use w/4-16omega cabinets

¢ Line and XLR outputs w/switchable cabinet simulator

¢ Powered by 18-20V DC (center positive) adapter included

* VOX AC30 is an amplifier model of Korg Inc.

* Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959 is an amplifier model of Marshall Amplification plc.

* Fender Tweed is an amplifier model of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation.

* Mesa Boogie Rectifier is an amplifier model of Mesa/Boogie Ltd.