Grover Tuning Machine Parts Assortment With Bushings, Washers, & Screws

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Grover high-quality assortment of the most commonly used parts. Bushings, washers, and wood screws, covering all finishes. A must for any guitar repair facility.Assortment consists of 12 of each of the following items:Rotomatic Bushing-GP071 Nickel-GP072 Chrome-GP073 Black Chrome©Ã¢‚¬ï¿½¤Ã¯¿½Ã¯¿½Ã¢ š¬Ã‚·Ã¯¿½¤Ã¯¿½Ã‚¯¦Ã‚±Ã‚¤¯Ã‚¿Ã‚½-GP079 Chrome, ShortRotomatic Washer-GP075 Nickelk-GP076 Chrome-GP-77 Black Chrome©Ã¢‚¬ï¿½¤Ã¯¿½Ã¯¿½Ã¢ š¬Ã‚·¤Ã¯¿½Ã‚¯¦Ã‚±Ã‚¤¯Ã‚¿Ã‚½Sta-Tite Bushing-GP080 Nickel-GP081 Chrome©Ã¢‚¬ï¿½¤Ã¯¿½Ã¯¿½Ã¢ š¬Ã‚¸Ã‹  ¤Ã¯¿½Ã‚¯¦Ã‚±Ã‚¤¯Ã‚¿Ã‚½Imperial Bushing-GP085 Nickel-GP086 Black Chrome©Ã¢‚¬ï¿½¤Ã¯¿½Ã¯¿½Ã¢ š¬Ã‚¸Ã… ¤Ã¯¿½Ã‚¯¦Ã‚±Ã‚¤¯Ã‚¿Ã‚½Wood Screws-3402 2 1/2 in. x 3/8 in. Oval-3404 3 1/4 in. x 5/16 in. Flat-3406 3 1/4 in. x 7/16 in. Flat