G7th G7HTGG3S Heritage Capo Guitar Std 3 G7HGS3 Full Acanthus

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G7th Heritage Capo for Guitar/Style 3
Standard: Up to max. 51 mm Neck Width
Finish: Engraved Acanthus on sides and latch
Weight: 33 g
The Heritage Capo combines traditional design with innovative technology. Its advantage is that it's perfectly suited to all fingerboard curves, German treble and string gauges it lightly.
'Enables This is thanks to the "adaptive radius technology. Under the silicone pads, which directly comes into contact with the strings, there is a not visible from the outside Silicone Case Gel Cover is different situations by altering the twist and bend, helping to reduce the speed at which the strings pitch stable without push Schnarren on the collar.
Of course, the Heritage Capo past the nut '"geparkt. It can be by means of a knurled adjusting screw with precise print on the back of the neck. To protect the neck there are including the interior on the side Iron Silicone strips.