Cort G250DXTR G Series Double Cutaway American Basswood Body Maple Neck 6-String Electric Guitar

Cort G250DXTR G Series Double Cutaway American Basswood Body Maple Neck 6-String Electric Guitar

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The popular G Series has been updatedto provide the best of two worlds: the classic and the modern. All thetraditional aspects that are time-tested and proven are retained whilepractical and sensible updates enhance playability and expanding the tonalpalette for greater versatility. G250DX uses ALNICO V magnetic pickups that areknown as the "musical" magnet which is sweeter and smoother than the Ceramicvariety.



American basswood is strong in thelower midrange and has a very full and warm sound. The sound is big and fullyet superbly balanced from low to high. The Quilted top adds beauty and classfor a high-end boutique look.


Unknown to many guitar players, thefingerboard is a vital component of the overall sound of the guitar. Maple is avery popular choice due to its rigidity and stability but also for its stronghigh-midrange punch and articulation. It also feels smooth and slick as well asproviding a classic woody look to the overall aesthetic of the instrument.


The Canadian hard Maple neckprovides power and stability as well as contributing a beefy and punchy tonewith a strong upper midrange. The matching color headstock exudes high-endclass to the overall look of the guitar.


Those pickups feature the Alnico Vmagnet that is known as the "musical" magnet. Sweeter and smoother than theCeramic variety, the Alnico V can still provide plenty of power and outputwhile maintaining the sweet musicality that it's known for. Whether it's oldblues, modern hard rock or anything in between, these pickups accurately andfaithfully convey the natural acoustic character of the guitar to youramplification systems.

1VOLUME, 1TONE(Push-Pull)

The push-pull tone pot splits the coilof the bridge pickup, adding a jangly and cutting single-coil sound from thebridge position. Combine this with the middle pickup for a thick bluesy soundor on its own for bright rhythm or twangy country lead sounds. This is a veryuseful function that greatly expands the tonal palette of the guitar.


  • CONSTRUCTION:   Bolt-On.
  • CUTAWAY: Double Cutaway.
  • BODY:           American Basswood Body w/Quilted Top.
  • NUT WIDTH: 42mm (1 5/8").
  • NECK:           Canadian Hardmaple Neck w/Matching Headstock.
  • FRETBOARD:           Maple (240mm(9 7/16") Radius).
  • FRETS:           22 frets.
  • SCALE:         648mm (25.5").
  • INLAY:         Dot.
  • TUNERS:       Die-Cast.
  • BRIDGE:       2-point Tremolo w/Steel Bent Saddle.
  • PICKUPS:     Alnico V S-S-H Pickups.
  • ELECTRONICS:       1Volume, 1Tone(Coil-Tap), 5-way Lever Switch.
  • HARDWARE:           Chrome.
  • STRINGS:     D'addario EXL-120 Strings (009-042).