Dixon Fuse Limited 5pc Shell Pack Blade Black

Dixon Fuse Limited 5pc Shell Pack Blade Black

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A punchy mid-range from mahogany shells gives your kit a dynamic sound.

FuseLimited is a progressive offering for drummers looking for kits withdistinction. As a first kit, upgrade or just one more option for yourarsenal, Fuse Limited delivers pro features and finishes to impress,perform and raise the bar featuring a limited shell and finishcombination for a dynamic look and sound. On the inside, Fuse Limited's9-ply mahogany shell produces a punchy, mid-range sound with greatprojection, while the outside features the latest in finishes andcoordinated highlights.Dixon appreciates a drummer's drive to prepare and they know thatchoices reflect your image, so Fuse Limited offers something extraspecial in look and value to stand out and get down to business. Don'tfollow the crowd “ go Limited.

A 5-piece mahogany shell pack you'll love playing. Order today.

  • Mahogany Shells
  • Mini 2-Point Suspension Mounts
  • Mounted Double Ball and L-Rod Tom Holder
  • Free Dixon Drummer's Pouch
Technical Specification

Dixon Dixon Fuse Limited 5-Piece Shell Pack Satin Black

  • Bass drum(s): 22x18"
  • Tom(s): 10x8, 12x9"
  • Floor tom(s): 16x14"
  • Snare: 14x6.5"
  • Total pieces: 5
  • Shell material: Mahogany
  • Construction: 9-Ply
  • Thickness (mm): 7.5 mm
  • Bearing edge: 45degree
  • Drum Hardware
  • Material: Steel/Chrome
  • Mounts: Mini 2-Point Suspension, 10.5 mm
  • Tom Mounting: Double Mounted 10.5 mm L-Rod and Ball with Accessory Clamp
  • Hoops: 1.6 mm Triple-flange
  • Lugs: Low-mass
  • Heads: Dixon Branded Single Ply
  • Finish type: Lacquer
  • Country of origin: Taiwan