Fret King FKV22TR C. S. Semitone De Luxe, Thru Red, Semi-Acoustic/Chambered, Wilkinson WVT Vibrato

Fret King FKV22TR C. S. Semitone De Luxe, Thru Red, Semi-Acoustic/Chambered, Wilkinson WVT Vibrato

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Versatility, a key part of the Fret-King philosophy of doing it all right, is built into the Country Squire Semitone De Luxe, which is a true journeyman players' instrument; comfortable, capable, and complete.

Constructed from the tonewoods of choice for the style; the two-piece centre-jointed American alder body with alder top, Canadian hard rock maple neck and rosewood fingerboard create a solid platform for superior tone and performance.

The extended tenon neck/body join and chambered semi-acoustic body couple outstandingly well to add an airy lightness to the feel and voice of this great guitar, and the gently offset body, with sculpted heel and slim horn, provides terrific balance and enhanced upper fret access.

The unique and eclectic pickup configuration provides for a depth of tonal possibilities approached by few other guitars. The breadth of control over the pickups, courtesy of Fret-King's Vari-coil control, offers players an almost limitless range of benchmark tones. The De Luxe has a secret! The Wilkinson Vari-coil, set in a dual concentric pot with the tone control, allows either the bridge-mounted WHHB or the neck mounted WDG Focusfield double coil to roll smoothly and progressively to single coil. Flick the ergonomically positioned selector switch down to the bridge position, roll the Vari-coil back, roll the tone on and it's direct to classic single coil bridge tone, in a `three single coil classic'. Roll the Vari-coil forward, and the Hotbucker leaps to life. Click up one for a beefed up classic `out of phase' tone position. Click up to the Focusfield, roll the tone back, crank up the gain and you find `woman tone' waiting for you! The Country Squire Semitone De Luxe features the unique Wilkinson WVT bridge. This twin post, hybrid `wave' vibrato features a heat treated steel baseplate with two strings per brass saddle to solidly anchor the saddles to the bridge baseplate, ensuring the maximum mechanical coupling so crucial to giving you all the tone and power you need.

The Wilkinson staggered post height E-Z Lok tuners, stagger drilled steel block and adjustable, pre-intonated barrel style natural brass saddles ensure spot-on intonation and tuning, with superb return to zero, whatever the whammying.

Thoughtful innovation another Fret-King attribute pervades the exceptionally playable and supremely useful Semitone De Luxe.

The Country Squire Semitone De Luxe guitar is an original Fret-King Black Label Series„¢ guitar created by Trev Wilkinson and the UK Fret-King design team.
  • Colour   Thru Red
  • Body   Semi-acoustic chambered, centre jointed, 2pc American alder
  • Scratchplate   Aged White
  • Neck   Maple
  • Frets   22 medium jumbo
  • Top Nut   Graphite
  • Nut Width   1.67"/ 42.5mm nominal
  • Vibrato   Wilkinson WVT vibrato
  • Machine Heads   Wilkinson E-Z-Lok„¢
  • Hardware Colour   Chrome
  • Pickups   1 Fret-King WDG mini double coil (N), 1 Fret-King WHS single coils (M), 1 Fret-King WHHB double coil (B)
  • Controls   1 Volume/ 1 Tone/ Vari-coil dual concentric knob/ 5-way lever