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FISHING IS AS FUN AS FUZZ is a fuzz pedal that combines the presence of a masterpiece like a thick and thick wall of sound with a distortion-like sound that pierces sharply. Fuzz pedal like Animals Pedal. When I thought so, I came up with the appearance of a vintage fuzz pedal. From the 70s to the present, the legendary fuzz pedal that has continued to gain support from the world's top artists while changing its appearance, Big Muff Pi . Among them, it is a model called Civil War made in the early 1990s, which is considered to be one of the rare models.Although it has been a legendary big muff for all era models, it seems that there are special textures in the three-period models called Triangle , Ramshead and Civil War . Triangle and Lum's Head represent the first vintage fuzz tones, while the big muffs in the Civil War period sound like big muffs, but have a distortion-like tone and a vintage-like tone. To modern fuzz distortion. In fact, the original Civil War model is loved by world-class guitarists who transcend generations and styles.It is easy to understand and use for modern guitarists who are new to fuzz. At the same time, veteran guitarists who know fuzz well can be convinced. I thought there wasn't a fuzz pedal that was better suited than the Civil War Big Muff.FISHING IS AS FUN AS FUZZ is a fuzz pedal developed based on the big muff of the civil war period. It is not a clone. If you just clone, you can't go beyond the expensive pedals that are particular about components. While having an element that reproduces the sound of "Civil War", make it easier to handle. Specifically, the top end and the low end, which were often obscured in the original model, are clearer and tighter, and the gain and volume are adjusted to slightly higher settings. A sound that is thick enough to be used alone and has a presence in a band ensemble. Turn the DRIVE and TONE knobs to enter the world of various tones. The foot switch is true bypass. It is driven by a 9V battery or a standard center minus DC9V adapter.Features Current consumption : 4.5mA Input impedance : 500k Output impedance : 10k