Animals FIREWOOD ACOUSTIC DI Acoustic DI Pedal

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The sound of acoustic guitars sometimes gives us peace of mind and sometimes violent emotions. The charm of Unplugged has further made the world guitarist leap forward, and the roaring grunge rock band has made Unplugged a further legend. For classical and folk as well as rock guitarists, acoustic guitars cannot be separated.Animals Pedal Firewood Acoustic DI is an active DI pedal for electric and acoustic guitars that demonstrates its power on live stage and recording. Manufactured with analog and discrete circuits, it outputs to mixers and amplifiers without missing delicate expressions.It is a simple and compact pedal, but it has various functions. The powerful 3-band active equalizer that can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the music, venue, guitar and power amplifier, and can be turned on / off with a foot switch, from a warm and balanced tone like a classic nylon string, Creates a variety of acoustic sounds, such as crisp and gorgeous tones that complement the vocals in the ensemble.The three equalizers, High, Mid, and Low, adjust the tone powerfully within a range of ± 15 dB, centering on 3.5 kHz, 800 Hz, and 180 Hz, respectively. In addition to making sound, it is also effective as a control that cuts unnecessary bands and suppresses feedback.GAIN control that can add light saturation adds crisp power and presence to the sound. Equipped with an effect loop, when using an acoustic guitar or as a boost pedal, it is also possible to apply effects such as chorus and delay at the same time.Also equipped with balanced out XLR jacks that can output guitar directly to the mixer. It can also be driven by phantom power. Power can be supplied from a mixer, etc. even in venues where outlets are insufficient, such as outdoors. In addition, when driving with an adapter, it is also equipped with a DC out that can supply power to the pedals of the effect loop, etc., and demonstrates its power in various systems.Firewood Acoustic DI is not just a pedal that is functionally superior. The sound of the high headroom and discerning circuit outputs the tone of the guitar itself clearly. You can dare to create a hard eleacco sound as a pakipaki, but you can clearly output the tones of a warmer and deeper acoustic guitar. Even on the live stage, you can create a sound similar to a microphone recording in the studio.FeaturesControl LEVEL : Adjusts the overall volume. LOW : Adjusts the low frequency range within a range of ± 15 dB, centering on 180 Hz. MID : Adjusts the mid range within a range of ± 15 dB, centering on 800 Hz. HIGH : Adjusts the high frequency within a range of ± 15 dB, centering on 3.5 kHz. GAIN : Adjusts the output level and controls the overall tone saturation. Can be distorted lightly. INVERT : Inverts the phase. Foot switch : Bypass the EQ.Input / Output Terminal DC9VIN : Connect a standard center minus DC9V adapter. DC9VOUT : When driving with an adapter, power is supplied to the outside. IN : Input. Connect the cable on the instrument side. LOOP : Effect loop. Connect the cable from the output of the effect in the loop from R (RETURN) to the input of the effect in the loop from S (SEND). The effect loop is always active. UNBAL : Unbalanced out. Connect a cable to a guitar amplifier. BAL / 48V : Balanced out of the XLR terminal. Used when connecting to a mixer. When using phantom power, it is supplied from here. The Phantom LED lights when phantom power is being supplied.Specification Current consumption : 5mA Input impedance : 500K Maximum output level : 4dBV at 1Khz Output impedance (unbalanced) : 10K Output impedance (balanced) : 100 ohm effect loop Impedance (SEND) : 10K effect loop impedance (RETURN) : 100K S / N ratio : -100dBv