Eldon Bb Tenor Sax O/F

Eldon Bb Tenor Sax O/F

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Eldon band instruments were created by Antigua Winds w/ the beginning musician in mind. Each Eldon instrument encompasses the finest features and quality that come from years of experience combined w/ modern manufacturing techniques. Eldon produces instruments w/ the desire that your "First Step in Music" be positive and rewarding. This Bb tenor sax offers features usually found on more expensive instruments that include lacquered yellow brass body w/ a beautifully engraved detachable bell and comes w/ a collegiate case.


  • Fully ribbed construction
  • Power forged nickel/silver keys provide greater strength and durability
  • High F# key provides alternate fingering "" a professional feature
  • Premium quality kid leather pads w/ domed resonators
  • Adjustable nickel/silver thumb hook
  • Adjustable key guard bumpers


  • Lightweight collegiate case w/ shoulder and backpack straps, mouthpiece, reed, neck strap, polishing cloth and cork grease