Dream Cymbals and Gongs Energy Series Crash/Ride 22"

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The Dream Energy Series 22" Crash / Ride Cymbal gives a powerfully fast attack w/ a brilliant overall sound and well-balanced, medium length decay w/ a slightly exotic timbre that adds to the tonal body. When crashed, the punch of the stick is almost immediately accompanied by an explosion of color at a volume level that will send the neighbors running!Unique to the ENERGY line, the bell is left unlathed focusing the weight of the cymbal in and around its centre. This results in a cymbal that has a slightly exotic timbre w/ all the sound qualities that a rock or metal drummer is listening for combined w/ a raw, unrefined look. ENERGY's are also excellent recording cymbals that will have you sounding great in the studio.The name says it all. These cymbals are explosive. Made w/ the same care and craftsmanship as all the other cymbals and gongs, the Energy series are meant to be heard, even in the loudest situations.With a signature unfinished bell and considerably heavier weight, these cymbals mean business! A perfect complement to the Bliss and Contact series, the Energy series has all that and more. More volume, higher pitch, longer decays and still a truly hand-hammered masterpiece.They're the perfect addition to your "For Recording Only" collection.