Dream Cymbals Energy Series Crash/Ride 21"

Dream Cymbals Energy Series Crash/Ride 21"

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Key Features

    Wide Dynamic Capability and Colourful Tone
    Extremely Crisp Stick Articulation with Punchy Crash
    Bright Tone with Powerful Projection
    Ideal For a Range of Drumming Styles
    Natural, Raw and Unrefined Design

The Dream Energy 21" Crash Ride Cymbal is a unique, new ride cymbal from Dream Cymbals and is part of their latest Energy range. The cymbal combines the best aspects of the Energy series crash and ride cymbals, offering a bright, articulate tone whilst remaining extremely crashable. The crash/ride is a dynamic powerhouse, offering a beautifully crisp stick articulation with a bright tone and powerful projection which will cut straight through any mix. The cymbal is also heavier than others in the Energy series, adding further control and articulation. A favourite amongst drummers around the world for its dynamic capabilities and colourful tone, the Energy crash/ride is extremely versatile and will easily adapt to any drumming style or genre that you put it through. Ideal for players looking to add a highly versatile cymbal to their setup, the Dream Energy 21" Crash Ride Cymbal is a great addition to any drumming setup.

The Dream Energy Series offers a modern sound palette in a hand hammered cymbal. This hard-hitting, bright cymbal meets the needs of any drummer in an amplified setting who is looking for a loud, bright and penetrating quality that is sure to cut through and deliver energy right to the audience. The unique Energy line features unlathed bells with a slightly exotic timbre and all the sound qualities that a rock or metal drummer is looking for. With a raw and unrefined design, Energy cymbals are also excellent recording cymbals that are sure to sound great in the studio.

    Wide dynamic capability and colourful tone
    Unlathed, raw, bright bell
    Articulate and punchy crash
    Capable of a warm, open wash
    Ideal for a range of drumming styles
    Bright tone with enhanced projection
    Raw and unrefined design