EBS Microbass III 2-channel Preamp

EBS Microbass III 2-channel Preamp

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The EBS MicroBass 3 Professional Bass Preamp pedal. in the USA!

The EBS MicroBass 3 is a 2-channel preamp, built exclusively w/ premium components. It is engineered by EBS in Sweden w/ technologies from the famous HD360 and Fafner II amplifier designs. The preamp operates at a signal level equal to a professional mixing console (+/- 15V) which gives you plenty of headroom. The high signal level makes it suitable to use as a preamp in combination w/ any type of power amp.

Run the Clean and Drive channels in series or parallel. Use the dual balanced XLR-outputs to tap the signal post and pre EQ at the same time. If you run the Effects loop in stereo mode, the balanced outputs become a Left and Right output instead. w/ 10 Mohms input impedance, it handles any type of bass "¢Ã¢ š¬ passive, active or w/ piezo pickups.

The built-in tuner makes it easy to tune between songs without the need of an external device. The MicroBass 3 also carries an onboard compressor, similar to the one found on several EBS amplifiers, and several more features.

The analog EBS MicroBass 3 ensures your sound "¢Ã¢ š¬ every time.


100% analog professional preamp.
Dual channels "¢Ã¢ š¬ Clean and Drive.
Run in parallel or series.
Blend control for the drive.
Dual Balanced XLR-out (pre & post EQ or Stereo).
Effects loop (mono or stereo).
Character and Bright filters (clean channel).
HI or LO gain drive engines.
Thin or Deep type (drive channel).
Tuner, Aux-input, Headphones out.
10 Mohms input impedance (main input).
9V DC, 450 mA required (power supply not included).

Technical Specifications

Clean Channel:

Input Impedance
Parallel mode 1.5 Mohms // 44 pF
Serial mode 10 Mohms // 22 pF
Gain Range min/max -oo/ +30 dB
Gain Peak LED +10 dBv
Frequency Response +0 / -3 dB 20 - 20.000 Hz
Filter Type Shelving High/Low Pass
Gain: Lo +6 dB @ 80 Hz
Mid -2 dB @ 900 Hz
Hi +3 dB @ 7.5 kHz
Filter Type Shelving. Gain: +10 dB @ 10 kHz
Bass Filter: Type 12 dB/oct. Shelving. Gain Range +/- 18 dB @ 60 Hz
Middle Filter: Type Bandpass Filter. Freq Range 50 - 5.000 Hz. Q - Boost 0.5 - 1.3, Q - Cut 0.5 - >5. Gain Range +/- 12-15 dB
Treble Filter: Type Shelving. Gain Range +/- 18 dB @ 8 kHz
COMP/LIMIT: Comp Gain 0 dB
Attenuation max 24 dB
Compression Ratio max 3:1
Attack (80%) typ <10 ms
Release (80%) typ 100 ms

Drive Channel:

INPUT: Input Impedance 1.8 Mohms // 22 pF
DRIVE: Gain Range 40 dB
Lo: Type 2nd harmonics soft
Hi: Type Symmetrical 2-stage w/ +18 dB gain
TYPE: Thin/Normal/Deep Pre Drive EQ
Tone Filter: Type 6 dB/oct. Low Pass. Frequency Range 700 - 20k Hz
Middle Filter: Type Bandpass Filter. Frequency Range 100 - 4.500 Hz. Q 1.2, Gain Range +/- 15 dB


Loop Signal Level nominal -10 dBv
Gain Unity (1:1)
Output Impedance <100 ohms
Input Impedance >200 kohms // 22 pF


Recommended Impedance 32 - 200 ohms


Input Impedance 20 kohms
Nominal Level -10 dBv


Output Impedance <1 kohms
Signal Level nominal 0 dBv


Output Level nominal -20dBv
XLR Connections 1-GND, 2-Hot, 3-Cold
Options Pre/Post EQ, L/R Ch. in stereo mode


Power Requirements Idle 450mA @9V. Max 750mA @9V (with headphones at max output level)

Dimensions (WxDxH): max 168 x 124 x 53 mm / 6.6 x 4.9 x 2.1

Weight: 660 g ( 1.5 lbs.)