EBS HD360 Professional Bass Head 2U, 360 W Limited Edition!

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THE EBS HD360 IS A HEAVILY EQUIPPED BASS HEAD FOR THE PLAYER WHO DEMANDS CLOUT AND VERSATILITY WITHOUT FUSS. TAKE FULL CONTROL OF YOUR TONE IN THE STUDIO AND ON STAGE WITH THIS EXCELLENT BASS HEAD ” A FAVOURITE AMONG MANY PROFESSIONAL BASS PLAYERS! This 'High Definition' bass head is completely based on Solid State technique. The HD heads have become favorites among studio session players, offering an exceptionally good and thought-out EQ that has been tuned-in carefully to cover all the frequency ranges that you need to optimize your tone. The basic layout of the control panel feature a Character filter, which is a quick fix to a modern type, mid-scooped overall tone. The input Gain control set the signal level into the amp from your instrument. The EQ section includes a shelving Bass filter followed by an advanced Middle filter where you pick the frequency range you'd like to adjust with the right control and cut or boost in that range with the left control, Treble and Bright. The Drive control helps to add some nice growl to the sound. Some of the features include:A clever Notch function can help you identify and scoop out frequencies causing unwanted feedback with theFrequency control.The Drive to add some nice grit and growl.The onboard XLR output sends a perfectly balanced line signal to front of house or a studio mixing console without the need of an external line box. Back panel. On the back panel you'll find the Effects Loop, featuring a Mix level control that lets you blend in all effects hooked up through the loop with your sound. There is a Tuner output, for connecting a tuner rack unit easily. You have a Line out, in case you need the power from another amp to drive a second pair of cabinets, and finally the Filter Remote Inputs to connect the RM-4 footswitch that lets you switch on and off Character, Filter Bypass, Drive and Mute from front of stage. Input Impedance 2 Mohms Frequency Response 20 - 20.000 Hz Maximum Compression Ratio (Compressor) 3:1 Tone Controls Bass +/-15 dB @ 100 Hz Middle +/- 12dB @ 50 - 3.000 Hz, Q=0.5 Treble +/- 15 dB @ 4 kHz Bright -0/+20 dB @ 10 kHz Drive Gain Range 0 - 30 dB Drive Type Solid State Speaker impedance 2 - 8 ohms Continuous Output Power Dynamic Output Power 360 W RMS @ 2 ohms, Continuous Output Power 300 W RMS Dimensions (W x D x H) 19" x 13" x 2U (48cm x 33cm x 8.9cm) Weight 9 kg / 20 lbs