EBS MA210 Magni 2 x 10" Combo Bass Amplifier

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The EBS Magni 500 210 Bass Combo Amp is based on the award winning Reidmar design consisting of an all analogue preamp w/ a lightweight power amp section. The Magni 500 features a 2 X 10" speaker configuration, along w/ a 4-band EQ, and Bright and Notch filters. Its double-ported cabinet offers a better bass response, especially in smaller venues and is the perfect choice for gigging musicians. A dust cover is also included for protection during transit.

A Powerful Sound

The EBS Magni 500 210 Bass Combo Amp takes its inspiration from the awarded Reidmar lightweight amp design, w/ the legendary Soft Clip technology that preserves the solid bottom on higher volumes. The excellent analog preamp offers highly effective filters and is equipped w/ the useful Notch-filter, to prevent feedback that may evolve from certain frequencies in some venues. This versatile combo is switchable from 120/230V, giving players more choice, and added impact when needed. A 4-band EQ allows players to easily achieve the perfect tone and the turn of a dial.

Additional Features

As well as offering the perfect bass tone, the Magni 500 210 Bass Combo also includes an onboard Compressor, a headphones output, a balanced XLR-output which you can use to connect your amp to a PA system or a recording device without need of an external DI-box. Finally, the Magni 500 210 Bass Combo also features a speaker output, that allows an additional 8 ohm speaker to be connect for added impact, if needed.

Roadworthy Design That's Built To Last

The EBS Magni 500 210 Bass Combo is housed in a compact and portable plywood shell. Weighing 21kg, this powerful combo offers a lightweight construction that can be easily transported between gigs or rehearsals. Like many models from EBS, the Magni 500 210 Combo also features a protective metal grille, which not only provides a stylish fascia but is also vibration free, offering a clean sound when used at any volume. A convenient flush carry handle is also incorporated into this combo's design, making it ideal for use on the road. For added protection, reinforced metal corners are also included, and maintain the sturdy structure. w/ all these durable features, this versatile amp will endure a lifetime of use.

  • Based upon the award winning Reidmar amp design
  • Extremely transparent to retain the character of your instrument
  • Soft Clip design for preserved solid bottom at high volume
  • 4-band EQ w/ Bright and Notch filters
  • Double-ported cabinet (front and back).
  • Fast responding and easy to dial in
  • High efficiency speakers for best tonal character
  • Excellent power-to-weight ratio
  • Switchable between 120/230V
  • Speaker output included for extending the combo w/ an extra 8 ohm cabinet.
  • Balanced XLR output w/ ground lift
  • Protective cover included
  • Configuration: 2x 10" + Tweeter
  • Frequency Response: 50 - 20k Hz
  • Power Rating: 300 W RMS
  • Height: 56 cm / 22"
  • Width: 44 cm / 17.3"
  • Depth: 36.57 cm / 14.4"
  • Weight:21 kg / 46.7 lbs