Gold Tone EBM-5 Electric Solidbody 5-String Banjo Left-Handed

Regular price $1,299.99

The Gold Tone EBM-5 is a unique F-style 5-string electric banjo that looks as good as it sounds. The EBM-5, like a normal banjo, has an extremely fast response allowing hammer-ons, pull-offs, and slides to be accomplished w/ incredible ease. Even unplugged, this electric banjo has an excellent banjo tone due to the hollow sound chamber within the body. The two-tone tobacco sunburst is pleasantly set off by the gold hardware. It has easy to reach control knobs for quick tone and volume changes. This model features a dual pickup design w/ a hidden humbucking pickup under head and a single coil pickup at neck position. Other features include a nyatoh "F-style" body, ebony fingerboard w/ snowflake inlays, an 8" banjo head and tone ring, and a Straightline tailpiece.
Folkternative Design|5-String Tenor Electric Banjo|8" Aluminum Tone Ring|GT Master Planetary Tuners|Humbucker Pickup|Left Hand Model