DB Technologies Active Speaker-Line Arraydva Series

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The DVA T8 from dB Technologies is an active line array module w/ neodymium woofers that features a high-performance digital power amp w/ 700W/RMS total output, 56-bit DSP, and premium-quality AD-DA converters. Lightweight at 14.2 kg, this line array's is designed for powerful performance despite its small footprint.The DVA T8 boasts constant directivity horns, HF drivers, and midrange woofers optimized to deliver a uniform 100degree-by-15degree coverage pattern. It makes use of two acoustical effects to help distribute SPL evenly. One is the vector addition of individual horns' output; the other is cylindrical wave formation. These two effects come together to create a uniform coverage pattern that is easily adapted to different venues by varying the length of the array and adjusting the splay between individual components.The 1" neodymium HF drivers feature 1.4" Mylar diaphragms. Light and responsive, they deliver detailed signals w/ linear frequency response. Developed especially for use in line arrays, these drivers may be deployed in very close proximity to one another. This is helps to minimize interference in such arrays.Loaded w/ a custom 6.5" neodymium midrange driver, the DVA T8 also delivers accurate midrange response. The midrange driver is housed in a sealed chassis. Its high BL factor makes it more responsive so that it renders transients faithfully. A phase plug feeds into a front loaded horn tuned to achieve a uniform coverage pattern.A powerful 8" neodymium woofer, paired w/ a 350W power amp, covers the low frequency range w/ a response that reaches down to 70 Hz.