AER 2 Channel Preamp/Mixer w/ 4 Onboard Effects DUAL-MIX-2

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The AER Dual-Mix 2 is a 2-channel preamp for instrument/line ormicrophone signals. You can think of it as a small mixer, a DI to gostraight into a PA, a line out to go to a monitor or amp, a headphoneamp, or to add two additional channels to your amp. 


  • 2-channel preamp/DI box for mic or line signals

  • 4 digital effect presets (2 reverb, chorus, flanger)
  • Functions as stage preamp, headphone/rehearsal preamp, or as a solution for channel extension
  • Stereo aux. input
  • Switchable 24v phantom power
  • Separate active 2-band EQ networks for each input
  • Stereo headphone preamp
  • Line out and DI out