Breedlove Discovery Companion Sunburst CE Sitka-Mahogany

Breedlove Discovery Companion Sunburst CE Sitka-Mahogany

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The Discovery Companion Sunburst Sitka Spruce – Mahogany travelguitars have a versatile play style ideal for strumming and rhythm tofingerstyle play. The travel-ready Companion body shape is constructedwith a Sitka spruce top and mahogany back and sides for a clean,balanced and superb sounding guitar with a warm midrange tone. This isan ideal guitar for everyone serious about sound, but interested in atravel-size guitar body with uncompromised sound. Every level playerwill appreciate these guitars and sound better, play better and playmore on a Breedlove Discovery Series guitar.

Beginner-friendly design makes the Discovery Series a perfectintroduction to the world of music. A thinner neck profile with narrownut width and radiused fretboard makes for ultra easy play. A pinlessDelta bridge makes string changing simple and fun. Carefully craftedwith trademark Breedlove sound DNA, these instruments sound like guitarscosting three times the price. Welcome to the family!


Breedlove guitars feature a slimmer neck profile, which enablescomfortable play, even with smaller hands. The hand-rubbed, semi-glossBreedlove neck finish also contributes to ideal playability. Thelabor-intensive finish process includes precise finish coatapplications, fine sanding, and hand buffing and rubbing.


Breedlove players around the world can attest: With consistent,proper care, your Breedlove will give you a lifetime of service – andinspiration. New Breedlove instruments, purchased through an authorizedBreedlove dealer, are warrantied to be free of defects in materials andworkmanship throughout the lifetime of the original owner. In additionto materials and workmanship, Breedlove offers a two-year warranty ontuning machines and electronics packages. Cases and bags are subject to aone-year warranty covering defects in structure and hardware.


Along with its body shape, a guitar’s top is the defining element ofits sound, driving, through its vibration, the key aspects of volume,tone, sustain and projection. Spruce will, due in part to its famousstiffness-to-weight ratio, ring loud and clear. A solid wood toptranslates those vibrations with more immediacy and purity of tone, andreacts more directly with the intent of a player. If you are at anintermediate level or above, you will appreciate the instantlyrecognizable benefits of a solid wood top.


Historically, serious guitar players on-the-move have faced a rathertough dilemma; contend with the challenges of traveling with a full-sizeguitar or settle for a more convenient, smaller instrument withtraditionally reduced sound quality… the travel guitar.


The world’s most popular topwood, for a reason. Sitka has an idealstrength-to-weight ratio, yielding a strong fundamental, high velocityof sound and a pleasing elasticity. Translation? Sitka sounds great forheavy strumming, light fingerpicking and everything in between.


Long treasured by cabinetmakers and shipwrights for its simple,straight-grained beauty, strength and workability, mahogany—used intops, backs, sides and necks—is also one of the true classic tonewoods,famous for its clear, strong fundamental; even string-to-string balance;and warm midrange emphasis. Mahogany pairs well with spruce tops aswell as with itself in single species guitars—and both combinationsdefine much of American roots music.


Breedlove’s pinless Delta bridge is a distinctive element, alright,with a sleek, modern contour that adds an extra bit of unexpected beautyto every instrument, from Discovery to Legacy. But it also adds welcomefunctionality while anchoring great sound. Beginners love the fact thatstring changes are much easier without having to wrestle a traditionalpin bridge. Pros love it for the same reason! No more looking for lostpins during a fast backstage string swap. And its low profile makes forperfect right hand damping.

Breedlove Discovery Series Companion Sunburst CE Hollow Body Acoustic Guitar Ovangkol/Sitka Spruce - DSCP14CESSMA Features:
  • Body Type:Companion
  • Neck Wood:Mahogany (Nato)
  • Solid Wood Top;Solid Sitka spruce
  • Back and Sides:Mahogany (Okoume)
  • Layered Back & Sides:Mahogany
  • Top Finish"Sunburst Gloss
  • Fretboard:Ovangkol
  • # Frets:19
  • Nut Width:1.69"
  • Tuners Hardware:Chrome Closed Gear
  • Lower Bout Width:13.53"
  • Waist Width:7.93"
  • Upper Bout Width:9.93"
  • Body Length:17.5"
  • String Gauge:D'Addario EXP 16
  • Bridge:Ovangkol
  • Binding:Black
  • Inlay:Centered dots
  • Case:N/A
  • Scale Length:23.5"
  • Sound Hole:3.54"