ddrum Dios Maple 7x8 Rack Tom Satin Gold

ddrum Dios Maple 7x8 Rack Tom Satin Gold

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Ddrum is proud to reintroduce Dios maple. Ddrum'sflagship maple drum line returns with its classic look and feel plus afew of the innovations we've picked up along the way. Featuring ouroriginal Dios maple shell, Ddrum is ready to take the maple drum worldby storm again. Available in 4 lacquered, stage-ready finishes. Dios, atrue revelation in sound.

Bullet tube lugs
All Diosdrums feature chrome plated hardware, including our original bullet tubelug. Toms feature sturdy 2.3mm triple flanged hoops.

Evans heads included
Standard clear two-ply heads on all toms. Heads made for Ddrum by Evans in Taiwan.

North American maple shells
Thedrumming standard. Thin, resonant maple shells, featuring a sturdycross-laminated design; eliminating the need for reinforcement rings andproviding perfect resonance.

30/45 degree bearing edge
ADios standard. An edge that allows the drumhead to seat, while alsoallowing the shell to vibrate at its maximum. This edge allows for amore woody tone, a perfect match to our thin maple shells.

What's in the box:
  • Ddrum Dios Maple 7x8" Rack Tom Drum with Integrated Tom Arm/Clamp
  • Ddrum Lifetime Warranty for Drum Shell
  • Ddrum 2 Year Warranty for Drum Shell Finish
Shell Maple Plies 6 Shell thickness 5.6mm (0.22") Hoop 2.3mm (0.09") triple flanged Bearing edge 30 degree outer/ 45 degree inner Hardware Chrome Tone Warm to bright: excellent projection Wood Configuration North American Maple Lug Type Bullet tube lug Suspension Mount Type Fixt pitch mount Dimensions 7 x 8" (17.78 x 20.32cm)