AER 200W Acoustic Combo Amp/4 Chan w/ 2x8 Speaker/ Black DOMINO-3

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What was supposed to be an update turned into a different class “ Domino 3. Now partial stereo*, with two twin cone speakers and high performance poweramps. Two independent effect units, with 16 presets each, separately address pairs of the four equally equipped channels (1, 2 and 3, 4). * Stereo-aux, headphones out. Channel 1 “ 4 combined XLR/6.3 mm (1/4 ) input jack socket switchable for instruments,line-level or phantom powered sources (e.g. microphones).Equalizerthree band tone controls for each channelColour ˜mid-cut-treble-boost'-filterEffects digital effect processor with 16 presetsPower amp 2 x 100 W / 4 ohms, dynamic controlAnalog signal processingsubsonic filter, low distortionRMS limiterSpeaker system 2 x 8 twin-cone speaker systemFeatures switchable phantom power, ground lift, rec out, aux in, return, send, headphones, tuner, footswitch (internal/external effect on/off ), adjustable DI-out, 4 channel muteDimensions 365 mm x 420 mm x 300 mm ±ã®ã’“¸ ±ã˜®ãš“¸ ±ã„®ã¢“¤¬ˆç¡—硄�Weight 16,00 kg (35.30 lbs)