Salvi Harps Delta Carbon Fiber Electric Harp

Salvi Harps Delta Carbon Fiber Electric Harp

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The Delta electric harp puts together centuries of traditional craftsmanship into a solid body with cutting-edge audio technology for a professional sounding instrument with smooth playability. Placing the Delta's pins and levers in controversial straight lines produced a significant size reduction in the string scale length allowing for an extended bass range (down to 6th octave C) to be placed in a small-sized wearable instrument.

Limitless Sound Possibilities
The strings of the Delta run over a bridge, offering playing techniques like pitch bending and slides. The bridge pickup system offers a clean sound across the frequency spectrum from crisp highs to pure bass tones, offering you the maximum versatility to develop your own sound.

Plug-In and Play
Compatible with all effects processors, recording equipment and PA systems, the Delta brings a dynamic to live performances and is ideal for home and studio use.

Technical Specs:
• Length: 116 cm (45.5")
• Weight: 6.5 kg (14.3 lbs)
• Range: 29 strings, 2nd Oct. C - 6th Oct. C
• Frequency Range: 65.41 - 1046.5 Hz
• Connectivity: 1 audio jack
• Colour: Matte Black
• Controls: Preamp volume and tone knobs

Included in the Box:
• Delta Harp
• Strap
• Base
• Gig bag
• Tuning key

*Tripod stand, flight case sold separately.