ddrum Deccabon Fiberglass Set: 14-16 w/Stand

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About Ddrum Deccabon F Tom Drum Set

When enough is not enough, we give you Deccabons.Black-finished fiberglass shells, 6" in diameter and in lengths from 6"to 24". The perfect accent to your drum set. Deccabons' pitch aredetermined by shell depth rather than diameter. Mount them intraditional descending order or place them around the kit for unexpectedaccents. Expand your sonic palette with Ddrum's most popular accessory.

Ddrum Deccabon F Tom Drum Set Features
  • 14-16" Deccabons
  • Satin black finish
  • Fiberglass shell
  • D Series chrome oval lug
  • 1.6mm triple flanged hoops
  • 45 degree bearing edge
  • 6" head diameter
  • Shell depth increases, as pitch lowers
  • Includes double-braced tom stand with AUX receiver
  • Shells made from high-impact fiberglass
What's in the box:
  • Ddrum Deccabon 14" Fiberglass Tom Drum
  • Deccabon 16" Fiberglass Tom Drum
  • Double-Braced Stand with AUX Receiver
  • Ddrum 2 Year Warranty on Drum Shell and Stand
Wood Configuration Fiberglass Lug Type D series oval lug chrome Hoop 1.6mm Triple Flanged Bearing Edge 45 deg. Suspension Mount Type Direct to shell mount Dimensions (Dia.xD) 6 x 14" (15.24 x 35.56cm)
6 x 16" (15.24 x 40.64cm)