ddrum DDTi Trigger Interface

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Great accessory for studios or for drummers thatwant an easy access to trigger their own sampled percussion sounds. Itcan be used for a variety of situations. Has 10 trigger/pad inputsincluding hi-hat control. Can be used as a module expander via MIDI oryou can use to trigger sounds from your laptop via USB using a soundprogram. Compatible with most existing samplers and drum libraries.

Ddrum DDTi Features
  • A simple way to convert your drum pads or triggers into MIDI
  • 10 TRS trigger inputs accommodate single- or dual-zone triggers
  • Multiple hi-hat control options let you get the expression you need
  • Easy user interface makes creating and editing user setups painless
  • USB output lets you control your virtual instrument drums
  • MIDI output provides connectivity with hardware drum modules and synths
  • Customizable trigger settings let you define the feel of your drums
  • 20 programmable presets allow you to store and recall your setups
  • Works as an input expander with virtually any drum module
  • Velocity sensitive for expressive control
  • Works plug-and-play with Mac and PC
  • No software drivers needed
What's in the box:
  • Ddrum DDTi Trigger Interface
  • Ddrum 1 Year Warranty