DBX Zonepro 640M 6X4 Digital Zone Processor

DBX Zonepro 640M 6X4 Digital Zone Processor

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The dbx ZonePRO 640mis a digital zone processor with a fixed I/O, preconfiguredarchitecture, configurable insert processing, and optional duplicationof audio to an additional ZonePRO device via a link bus.

The unit features six inputs with four balanced mic/line switchableterminal block inputs and two unbalanced, mono-summed RCA input pairs.There is hardware-controlled microphone gain per channel. Thepre-configured architecture has input processing with a central matrixand output processing. Two input insert positions and one output insertposition allow channel-specific insert processing to be configured.AutoWarmth, a psychoacoustic function that maintains full frequencybandwidth even when the signal level has dropped, is permanentlyavailable on each output zone.

The front panel features comprehensive signal metering, a well-spec'dLCD display and user-specified front panel control. Additional systemcontrol is offered in the form of optional zone wall-controllers, whichprovide simple interfaces for functions such as volume, source, andpreset control. All ZonePRO devices can be controlled by third partycontrol systems via RS-232 or Ethernet as applicable. The ConfigurationWizard within ZonePRO Designer guides users through the step-by-stepconfiguration process of the 640m. The dbx ZonePRO 640m ships with apower cord, a set of rack screws, and an RS-232 modem cable.

  • Six inputs and 4 outputs
  • Four balanced mic/line inputs
  • Two unbalanced, mono-summed RCA input pairs
  • Microphone gain per channel
  • Preconfigured architecture
  • Two configurable input insert positions
  • One configurable output insert position
  • AutoWarmth per output zone
  • Link bus
  • comprehensive signal metering
  • Front panel LCD
  • User-specified front panel control
  • Optional ZC controllers
  • Ethernet control
  • Serial control
  • Third party control
  • Wizard-driven configuration


UPC: 691991401169 In the Box
  • dbx ZonePRO 640m 6x4 Digital Zone Processor
  • Power Cord
  • RS-232 Null Modem Cable
  • Rack Mount Screw Kit
  • Limited 2-year Warranty