Koch 60W Dummybox Home Attenuator / Speaker Simulator & DI Box DB60-H Special Order

Koch 60W Dummybox Home Attenuator / Speaker Simulator & DI Box DB60-H Special Order

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The Koch Dummybox Home is an innovative ˜multi-tool' should be found in every guitar player's toolbox. TheDummybox Home version provides a solution for virtually every liveand/or recording situation, or for playing with your amp at full blastin your bedroom. With the Koch Dummybox Home you can capture the soundcoming from your guitar amplifier's speaker output, and feed it intoyour home recording-system; even when playing at bedroom volume orwithout having a speaker cabinet connected! The Dummybox is placedbetween your favorite amp and speaker. Therefore, it captures everycoloration to your guitar tone created by your amplifier from both thepre-amp and power amp sections of your amplifier.

If you connect your speaker to themonitor output you can play your amp at full power, and set the volumeof your speaker at a much lower level. With the three position switchyou can select that only 5% (H), 3% (M) or 1% (L) of that output poweris sent to your speaker cabinet.

The Koch Dummybox Home can handle up to60 watts of power from your amplifier continously while ensuring peaksup to 100 watts will not cause any problems. Recording your favoriteguitar sound can be done with or without a speaker connected. TheDummybox Home has three different recording outputs: 1/4 jack, RCA, andmini jack. You can choose to send a filtered or an unfiltered signal toyour recorder or PA. When the filtered signal is chosen, the voicingswitches provide you with various speaker-simulation options such as thechoice of microphone placement (on or off-axis), and type of speakercabinet emulation (1×12 or 4×12). These options allow you to vary thedirectness of the sound and low end.

We understand that authentic tone andreliability are the most important things for guitar players. Therefore,we designed the Koch Dummybox Home using the highest quality componentsand protected it with a heavy duty steel housing.

Whether recording, performing, orrehearsing, the Koch Dummybox will allow you to let your amp run at itsfattest, juiciest, loudest level, while allowing you to tame the outputvolume.

  • Input : dummyload with 60 Watts continuous /100 watts peak power handling
  • Thru output : speaker output with no volume loss
  • Monitor output : low power speaker output with three selectable levels:
  • 5% (H), 3% (M), 1% (L)
  • Three different recording output connectors : 1/4 jack, RCA, and mini-jack
  • Switch for selecting filtered or unfiltered output signal
  • Voicing switch for selecting the type of speaker cabinet : 1 x 12 or 4 x 12
  • Voicing switch for selecting microphone placement : axis or off-axis
  • Heavy duty steel housing
  • Maximum load at line output : “ 20K Ohms
  • Dimensions  : 11 w x 18 h x 13 d (cm)