Danelectro Dano Aqua, D67-AQUA

Danelectro Dano Aqua, D67-AQUA

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Wire Meets Wood Guitars is an Authorized Danelectro Dealer to the United States of America.

Arguably the best neck feel of any guitar at any price. Dano twang in a way cool alternative body shape, the Danelectro '67.

Now, here is a guitar truly representative of Nathan " ¹Nat' Daniels' vision of the electric guitar... a cool looking, great sounding guitar at a reasonable price! When rock and roll was young, and every kid out there had the fever to be a budding rock star, Nat Daniel saw the market and made a line of quality though modestly priced instruments that would be far more appealing to the parents of these fledgling rockers, rather than yank the pin on $350 for a Strat (which was A LOT of money in " ¹67), they could buy this guitar for $50-$60...

Nat's use of readily available materials, along w/ his build design drastically cut down on production costs, but also had an unintended side effect... these guitars exhibited a tonal quality that was very pleasing, yet totally different than the popular "high end" makers of the period. This may not have been something that Nat himself got to witness, but as time went by, more and more great, tonefully conscious players were recording, and performing w/ Danelectro guitar models. Players like Jimmy Page, David Lindley, Arto Lindsay, Mike Campbell, Ry Cooder, and George Harrison have been seen playing these guitars in performance. Syd Barrett reportedly used a Dano on the first two Pink Floyd records.

Enough history, let's get to the subject at hand. Our " ¹67 is somewhat of an amalgam of a couple of Nat's original offerings, most notably the "Dane" and "Hawk" models. While the body outline is clearly the "Dane", the pickguard, pickups and controls borrow from the "Hawk" model. The outline is very "Swingin' 60's" and would look equally at home in an episode of "The Jetsons"... just oozing retro-cool!

The voice is provided by the inimitable Lipstick tube pickups, which possess a hollow, snarky tone that sounds divine both clean and distorted. Modern upgrades include a fully adjustable metal bridge, a marked improvement over the 50's/60's hardware, which was a simple Pau Ferro saddle on a metal base.

Get your hands on an excellent instrument that exudes a "Mad Men" kind of awesome... Own the tone! The Danelectro " ¹67!

  • Offset body shape
  • Scale length:5" š³
  • Number of frets:1
  • Fully adjustable bridge
  • 2 Lipstick  pickups
  • 1 master volume and 1 master tone
  • 3-way pickup selector
  • Made in Korea - fabulous build quality
  • Available in Yellow, Aqua, Black, Red