ddrum D2P- Blue Sparkle - Complete drum set w/cymbals

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Another ddrum twist on the beginner drum set. The D2P takes theconcepts from the D2R series, hot rod finishes, black shell-hardware andmodular tom mount, and applies it to the more traditional 5pc drum set.We used our original D2 sizes and configuration and dressed them in oursuper-sleek new Pinstripe finishes. Swapped out the straight stand fora boom stand, and added the Tri-holder bass drum mounted tom holder tothe mix. This allows not only both toms mounted over the bass drum, butalso the addition of a boom arm as an upgrade down the road. For thosethat want to stand out, even with their beginner drum set, the D2P wasmade for YOU.

Item ID D2P BLSP Finish Blue sparkle Product Details
  • 7x10 Rack tom
  • 8x12 Rack Tom
  • 14x16 Floor tom
  • 5.5x14 Snare drum
  • 18x22 Bass drum
  • Black powder coated hardware
  • Wood Configuration Basswood Lug Type Industrial Low Mass Hoop Spec 1.6 MM Triple Flanged Plys Tom 6 Plys Bass Drum 8 Plys Snare Drum 8 Bearing Edge Spec 45 degree Suspension Mount Type Direct to shell Specs (Other) Includes the following items
  • Throne
  • Hi hat stand
  • Snare stand
  • bass drum pedal
  • Full boom stand
  • Tri-holder bass drum mount
  • 16 inch Crash cymbal
  • 14 inch hi hats
  • 1 pair of sticks