Koch Classic SE Series Classic SE12 Combo Amp w/ 12 Inch Speaker CTSE12-C112 Special Order

Koch Classic SE Series Classic SE12 Combo Amp w/ 12 Inch Speaker CTSE12-C112 Special Order

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The Koch Classic SE 12W was designed toplease the more demanding guitarist who loves a no-nonsense all abouttone approach to guitar amplification. The Classic SE has asingle-ended 100% Class-A all-tube amplifier design. It was our goal touse as few components as possible to create an amp which would be verydynamic, super responsive to a guitar player's playing style and type ofguitar, while allowing the vacuum tubes to naturally color the sound.

The Classic SE 12W version is shippedwith two different tube types. Each tube type has its own distinctivetonal character. The CSE12 is shipped with the EL34 installed. However,it can simply and quickly be exchanged with the 5881 tube which issupplied in a separate wooden box, along with the amplifier.

The beauty of the single-ended designof the Classic SE is that players can experiment with different tubetypes in order to get even more different sounds from the amp. Forexample, when using the 5881 tube, the amp will deliver (tube) tone asit was meant to be. Ranging from warm, almost piano-like lows up tocrystal clean highs, the sound will surprise you. Turning up the volumewill give you a fat but articulate natural tube overdrive.

On the other hand, with the EL34 tubeyou will get a firm but controlled low end with smooth mids and a silkytop end. Turning up the gain will give you a singing sustain with amodest compression.

The built-in auto-bias circuit enablesyou to exchange various tube types without the need to rebias the amp.With the Classic SE you can keep on creating new sounds on the fly byutilizing the single Tone control in combination with the three voicingswitches (Mid-boost, Bass-cut & Gain-boost) and with the Gain andVolume control.

The Mid-boost will give you extradefinition, and the Bass-cut will keep the low-end tight at higherdistortion levels. By turning up the Gain and adding Gain-boost, you cancreate a more saturated sound which will get richer the more you turnup the Volume control. As most guitarists love to record their owninspiring tonal paintings, we have added a recording output withbuilt-in speaker simulation for the best direct recording results.

The speaker on/off switch enables youto turn off the speaker for silent recording while sending the power toan internal dummy load. For additional flexibility the Classic SE isequipped with a line input for connecting an external preamp such as theKoch Pedaltone.

Last but definitely not least you canuse both Classic SE models in two power modes. The Standby switch hasthree positions : Standby, Full-power and Low-power. In the Low-powermode, the amp delivers only one third of its nominal output power(Full-power mode), enabling you to create full natural power ampdistortion at a lower volume level.

Playing the Classic SE willundoubtably spark your creative brain and will seduce you to keep onplaying whether you are at home, in the studio or on stage.

  • Tubes : 1x 12AX7, 1x 5881/EL34
  • One Channel
  • Gain, Tone, and Volume controls
  • Recording Out, with Speaker Simulation
  • Line Input : 0 dBV
  • Speaker outputs; 4, 8, 16 Ohm
  • Speaker : Koch VG12-60
  • Combo Dimensions 54w x 46h x 25d


  • Front Panel : Gain Boots, Mid Boost, Bass Cut
  • Back Panel : Speaker On/Off with Speaker-Load

Output Switch

  • 12W version : 12W / Standby /4W