Suzuki CTP-88 Classroom Teach Piano W/Bench (Mahogany Wood Grain)

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The Classroom Piano in a Class by Itself.
Or Right at Home.

The new Suzuki CTP-88 might as well be described as a computer w/ keys. The level of technology packed into the compact yet beautiful wood grain cabinet is nothing short of amazing. As a teaching tool in your classroom, nothing compares in it price category. As an entertainment center in your living room, create, listen, store, compose!

Technically speaking, the CTP-88 has enhanced performance features not found on any Digital Piano in its price range. A full compliment of hi-tech features allow for endless musical possibilities. w/ blue tooth compatibility, you can access music, lessons and demonstrations from the internet any way you choose. A true full color LCD control screen makes it easier to organize your selected features. Only the most advanced synthesizers boast 128 note polyphony for incredible full bodied sound. The CTP-88 includes this advanced feature. The piano voice is an amazing 24Mb of powerful sound reproduction played through an acoustically design 4 way stereo sound system. Create your own original compositions w/ the on-board 3 track music sequencer. Save and store to the Secure Digital(SD) Memory Card.

The new CTP-88 is a complete classroom teacher platform or home entertainment center. You and your students will enjoy multiple levels of technology in todays modern music making instrument. Try one soon for you or your classroom!
Features at a Glance

128 Note Polyphony!
Suzuki's acclaimed sound imaging technology and 24 Mb grand piano voice are used to create remarkable depth, expression and realism. Instrument voices use 3D sound source sampling for incredible dynamic response.

Powerful Sound Delivery System
The CTP-88 features an acoustically designed 4 way stereo sound system. High grade speakers and integrated tuned cabinet deliver a truly dynamic sound, rich w/ presence and power.

Bluetooth Compatibility
As a tech titan, the CTP-88 includes the latest Bluetooth technology. Wireless networking enables any wireless device to connect to your CTP-88 Digital Piano for expanded and convenient operation.

iPad Connectivity
Connect the CTP-88 to your iPad and convert it into a recording studio! Makes practice and playing time a lot more fun. If you have kids, it might make all the difference in encouraging them to practice!

USB Advantage
The CTP-88 has a USB port that opens a world of exciting add-ons and extra functionality. Plug and Play directly w/ your laptop or desktop computers. Or you can use the MIDI ports to transmit and receive data from other musical instruments or computer accessories.

Secure Digital (SD) Memory Card
Secure Digital (SD) Memory Card includes 80 preloaded songs. Record your performance, playback hours of prerecorded music files, and create your own music library w/ songs you download from the internet using any SD Memory Card.

Variety of Versatile
Performance Options
128 note polyphony ensures no dropped notes even w/ the most complex piano passages. Digital signal processing (reverb, chorus and EQ) allows you to sound sculpt your performance to your personal style and taste. The layer and split piano functions w/ sound balance controls guarantee beautiful, rich, full sounding instrumentation. Multi-track music recorder allows the beginner or performing Musicians to monitor daily progress.

Full True Color LCD Display Screen
The CTP-88 has a large 4.3 inch LCD display screen in full color to help organize your selected features. Find what you need quickly and easily w/ this large window format.

Impressive Ensemble Performance Features
An amazing combination of 122 MIDI voices, 100 rhythm styles and recording features create endless musical possibilities. Professional styles make you a member of the world class band of your choice. Rock to Bach, World Beat to Jazz ensembles, Boogie Woogie to New Age, your musical spectrum is limitless.

Play Along Songs
Choose from 55 preset songs for instant playing w/ the included songbook. Simple to advanced songs allow for separate practice w/ the left hand or right hand or play along w/ both hands. Engage the vocal grading feature for a true to form "piano teacher" response.

Authentic Piano Feel
The CTP-88 has a velocity sensitive, graded hammer action keyboard that offers superb response and smooth feel.  
Finish   Mahogany Wood Grain
Keyboard   88 Key. Graded hammer action. Velocity Sensitive
Polyphony   128 Note Polyphony w/ sound effects engaged
Voice   122 selectable voices. 128 General MIDI voices available for MIDI playing
Voice Mode   Main. Multi-layer for 4 voices w/ 6 presets. Keyboard percussion
Rhythm Styles   100 Styles w/ Variations. Start/Stop. Synchro. Fill In. Intro/Ending. the track volume is adjustable
Auto-Accomp.   Auto Bass Chord w/ Single. Fingered and Piano fingering Mode
Arpeggio   4 preset types. Quantize. Octave and Style are selectable
Controls   Master Volume. Accomp. Volume. Tempo. Transpose. Cursor control. +/-
Demo Songs   14 built-in demo songs
Play Along Song   55 songs. right. left and both hands playing w/ grading feature
Sound Effects   Digital Reverb and Chorus (Various Types) String Resonate, Damper Resonate
Equalizer   Adjustable w/ 10 Graphic Faders
Metronome   On/Off. assignable beat. sound and volume. Tempo Range 40 to 240
Registration   10 Registration Memories(lncluding Sequence Registration)
Setup Menu   Master Tune. Reverb and Chorus type. Reverb and Chorus level. Split points. Harmony type. Touch Control. Pedal. Metronome. Reset
Recorder   3 Track. 4 User songs. songs can be saved in the SD Card
SD Card   Support SMF Format file. Play all. Save. Repeat playing mode. Delete
Pedals   Sustain. Sustenuto. Soft. the function of the middle pedal is assignable
Speakers   4 speaker acoustically design stereo sound system
Connections   Mic Input. Headphone Jack. Audio In. Audio Out. A/C In. MIDI In/Out. USB Port. Bluetooth compatible
Display   4.3" true color LCD (480 x 272 dots)
Power Output   30W X 2
Weight   175 lbs. Packaged in 2 boxes that include: 1) Piano and Stand 2) Bench
Dimensions   54.25 W x 20.25 D x 40 H(inches)
Included Hardware   Matching Bench, Power cable, USB Cable, iPad Adapter, DEMO DISK CARD w/80 pre-loaded songs, and Songbook, Manual, ez assembly guide