Koch Tone Series Classictone II Twenty Combo w/ 12 Inch Speaker CTII20-C112 Special Order

Koch Tone Series Classictone II Twenty Combo w/ 12 Inch Speaker CTII20-C112 Special Order

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We certainly considered both whiledesigning our new Classic amplifiers : the Koch Classictone II series!Clearly, we took a look at some iconic tube amps too, as the new seriesconsists of four classic tube amps fitted with EL84 power tubes for awarm sound with awesome overdrive.

Calling a new product a classic mayseem a little strong, yet it's hard to deny that's what we have achievedwith these new 20-watt amps.

The looks are certainly vintage andwe've also succeeded in recreating  yesteryear's sound in the combo andhead models, which are available in a 20-watt version.

A large part of the classic sound comesfrom the EL84 power tubes that deliver a typical crystal-clear,bell-like high. Overdriven, the tubes lean heavily towards a vintageBritish sound. This gives our Koch Classictone II series amps thewonderful combination of a warm clean coupled with heavy overdrive,complete with characteristic 'singing' upper tones and a healthy dose ofcompression.

?The front panel features a setting forthe master volume so that you can enjoy the tube compression fullywhether you're at home, in the studio or on stage. The switch works likean attenuator and with an accurately responsive equalizer divided overthe three channels, the sound will never become thick or muddy, nomatter what setting is chosen.

  • All-tube Class A amplifier
  • EL84 Power-tubes (available as 20W)
  • 3 x 12AX7 pre-amp tubes
  • 3 channels (Clean, Overdrive & Overdrive Boost) foot switchable
  • One set of passive bass-mid-treble tone controls
  • Custom designed VG12-60 12" Koch speaker (combo)
  • 4, 8, & 16 Ohm speaker outputs plus speaker on/off switch
  • Serial effects loop (10 dBV signal level)
  • Balanced Recording output with speaker simulation
  • Long scale spring reverb tank
  • 2 way footswitch (included)
  • Three master volume settings : Home/Studio/Stage
  • Available as Classictone II Twenty watt combo