Dream Cymbals Contact Series Splash 10"

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Overview Loud Attack Hand-Hammered Medium-Thin Profile Rich, Warm Tone with High Fundamental Pitch Shimmering SustainItem DetailsThe Dream Contact Series 10" Splash Cymbal is a fast, fat sounding splash that makes itself heard and gets your attention. Good bell definition and a little raw underneath for spice and a full spectrum sound canvas.The Contact series, known for a brighter stick presence and livelier response - like the BLISS series - is also completely handmade, hand-hammered and shaped. Composed of B23 alloy they also feature a slightly deeper profile and disproportionately larger bell promoting crash power and sustain. Contact cymbals also feature a medium-thin edge - another crash-promoting design feature.The stick feel is very lively - the pitch higher but still rich and warm. Faster speaking and higher energy, these the Contact series also possess depth and complexity in the undertone and a shimmering wash that drives the sound forward and upward. Like all of the cymbals, they exhibit a trademark ease of speaking plus a crystalline ping that also opens up for short crash punctuations strong enough to turn heads big time!