Dream Cymbals Contact Series Ride 20"

Dream Cymbals Contact Series Ride 20"

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Key Features

    Creates A Sizzling Crashes & Full-Bodied Ride Sounds
    Fast & Sharp Responsiveness
    Brilliant Durability
    Use In Almost Any Situation
    Higher Pitch, Yet Still Warm

The Dream Cymbal Contact Series 20'' Ride has great durability and produces a wide range of tones. Dream have created this cymbal to produce full-bodied sounds and a pitch that is higher, yet still warm and rich. The responsiveness is crisp and fast resulting in an impressive cymbal, versatile enough to be used in a number of situations. This 20" cymbal will shine whether you're in a recording setting or playing a live show.

The Contact Series cymbals feature a shaped and slightly deeper profile w/ a larger bell than other Dream cymbals. These Contact cymbals provide a lively stick feel and a higher pitch whilst still being rich and warm. w/ a medium to medium-thin design, the cymbals have a depth and complexity in the undertones along w/ a shimmering wash that drives the sound forward.

    Surface: Wide Deep Lathing by Hand
    Bow: Medium Taper
    Bell: Large, Articulate, Clear
    Weight: Medium to Thin
    Hammering: Deep Hammered Hot and Cold
    Stick: Very Crisp and Fast
    Wash: Higher Pitch, Medium Long Decay