AER 1 Channel Preamp / DI-box w/ Sound Shaping Controls COLOURIZER-2

AER 1 Channel Preamp / DI-box w/ Sound Shaping Controls COLOURIZER-2

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The AER COLOURIZER-2 is a preamp with extremely powerful toneshaping tools that allows you to plug in an instrument or microphone andreally tweak the tone, and then route that signal to the mixing board,recording console, or amplifier. It gives you the ability to adjust allof the frequencies with its parametric EQ so you can get both the toneyou want and, worth the price of admission alone, eliminate unwantedfrequencies or resonance peaks (notches) that cause feedback. This isone of the most essential pieces of gear you can have. Especially forplayers who go directly into the PA or using someone else's gear.

Thethree tone shaping sections on the Colourizer are Tone, Enhancer, andEqualizer. The Tone section works like a normal tone knob except thatyou can adjust the level of the adjusted tone mixed with your unadjustedtone. This is a great feature and it works really well. The Enhancersection has its own level control as well and seems to just makeeverything sound better. It is kind of like the old-school 'loudness'button on stereo systems that just made everything sound better (at lowvolumes), and then once you get used to the sound, everything soundsanemic if you turn it off.

Like all the PocketTools, the Colourizer is built like a tank and is the size of astompbox. It comes nicely packaged in its own little zipped bag. Themanual is helpful and clear.


  • Volume / Gain / DI level controls
  • Three sound-shaping control sections:
  • Tone - for bass/treble accentuation
  • Enhancer - widens and colors sound with rich overtones
  • Equalizer - parametric EQ