Dream Cymbals 24" Chau - Black Dot

Dream Cymbals 24" Chau - Black Dot

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Key Features

    Authentic Sounding Chau Gong
    Iconic, Eye-Catching Design
    Creates A Range Of Traditional Sounds & Tones
    Mallet Included For Optimum Results
    Perfect For Adding Impact & For Meditation Methods

The Dream 24'' Chau Black Dot Gong is an authentic sounding gong capable of creating a wide spectrum of traditional sounds. This gong is attractive thanks to its beautiful, striking design. There is no specific pitch to this instrument as the sound comes from a diverse amount of frequencies combined with dynamic sustain. This 24" gong can be used in multiple musical settings by anyone wanting to add a variety of trashy, splashy sounds to their music. However when played softly the Dream Chau Gong will produce some mellow, gentle tones that can be used to aid relaxation. A mallet is also included.

Chau gongs are what most people think of when they think of a Chinese gong, and feature a black outer edge and a black center with the mid section showing off the shiny bronze. Dream Chau Gongs range in size from 6" to 52" and perfect for adding texture and impact to performances, along with use in meditation. Chinese Chau Gongs have a very powerful sound, and gain their sound not from a specific pitch, but from a whole range of frequencies that come together to create the classic sound we associate with these instruments.